The CIO and COO Dilemma

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Late last year, IDC came out with the term, Global Datasphere. Global Datasphere quantifies and analyzes the amount of new data created, captured, and replicated in any given year across the world.

As per the study they did for Seagate, data is supposed to be 10x larger.

The biggest worry of the CIO and COO is how to exploit this data. In their digital transformation journey, will they be leading or lagging?

Early adopters of AI realized the rate at which they were expecting returns from numerous AI projects did not really materialize. Skepticism, lack of trust, and inability to explain their models, unavailability, and invalidity of training data have left people scratching their heads. Lack of competent data scientists have led many projects in a downward spiral.

Does this mean that AI is not useful? Absolutely not.

We all know that one size does not fit all.

Every business has a culture, mission and a vision and their own taxonomy.

All successful business do not have similar business processes. Thus, the data varies from company to company because of varying competitive advantages.

Similarly, all AI endeavors can also not be the same. The disruptive potential of AI is best realized by bringing a lab kind of mentality to your projects. Articence Labs, experts in AI and NLP technologies are technology agnostic, leverage open source, their own products and the best in class SaaS solutions offered by Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, Google Cloud , Amazon AWS , in smaller sprints.

We explore different technologies with you to extract your data, analyze it. We help in creating various AI models to meet your needs. You finish the lab, at a minimum with a proof of concept app and maximum, as defined by you. You are in control. Our labs can be conducted on your site or remote as per your team requirements.

Get the outcome you are aiming for, and then apply it to larger sets. One of Articence Inc’s unique approaches is to recommend clients bring their data visualization experts in the labs.

Jump-start your Innovation Journey. Schedule your lab @

Jumpstart Your Innovation Journey at Articence Innovation Labs.

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