So what is Digital Transformation?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Digital Transformation means investing in digital capabilities which provide modular plug-and-play technology, business, and industry platforms, allowing businesses to quickly adapt to ever changing market demand and remain competitive.

Organizations who exploit the power of AI applications and platforms to generate more inference models, more accurately, will be way ahead of those who use traditional analytical and programming approaches.

But these changes are very daunting when AI seems like a black box. Perspective becomes important. A typical business process catalog for Quote-to-Cash for $20b upward revenue will be approximately 150 processes.

Automated Knowledge graphs created by companies like Articence Inc, are able to determine the shortest path synergies and exceptions. Matching with the transaction data, such companies are able to predict the most valuable processes and suggest the AI transformations.

Traditionally Business process outsourcing (BPO) included third-party service providers supporting contracting of the operations and responsibilities of few specific business processes. As packaged solution providers continue embedding AI in their solutions, some BPO vendors are also embedding AI-enabled decision support for human agents, chatbots etc.

Working with BPO providers, boutique companies like Articence Inc, can provide more value by incubating such business process in lab like environment. Articence Inc like companies engage various business owners, BPO and foster collaboration. Being technology or service provider agnostic are able to provide best recommendations on the opportunities of strength, identified by the business process knowledge graphs.

What differentiates winners in our hyper-fast changing digital environment is how they leverage digitization and how fast they can deliver meaningful, value-added predictions and actions or any enterprise decision making.

Be a winner!

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